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A new method in docking for rotatable OH bonds of amino acids in active sites

  • Angela Rumpl1,
  • Holger Claußen2 and
  • Carsten Detering2
Chemistry Central Journal20082(Suppl 1):P45

Published: 26 March 2008


HydrogenHydrogen BondTorsion AngleRealistic RepresentationReceptor Side

We present a new concept in FlexX that determines torsion angles for OH-groups on the receptor side. For the affected amino acids SER, THR, and TYR, hydrogen bonds to neighbouring residues and the ligand are taken into account, providing a more realistic representation of the binding site. This is done irrespective of the ligand type, and without the user's interaction.

We present the concept itself as well as some case studies as early proof-of-concept.

Authors’ Affiliations

FH Hagenberg, Hagenberg, Austria
BioSolveIT GmbH, Sankt Augustin, Germany


© Rumpl et al. 2008